Best style mask I've found so far

This mask really is awesome. I was impressed with how well it fit - very comfortable. The design means it covers my face totally; no gaps on the sides like with regular surgical-style masks. The metal nose piece feels very solid so it conforms to the shape of my nose properly and doesn't fog up my eyeglasses. I like this style of mask a lot. I took one star off because the price is a little high still; I am going to buy this style mask again but hopefully at a a better price because this is going to be my new everyday mask from now on.

- Finaly James (Amazon August 28, 2021)

Breathable and comfy to wear

I find these masks to be the best I've used during the pandemic. They aren't stuck to your face so you have some breathing room, and they are light enough that the ear elastics don't pull too much. The pinch wire on the bridge of the nose is a nice touch and makes the mask easily form to your face. Comfy and durable, and a nice thicker material than a standard paper mask.

- Mary D (Amazon, June 2, 2021)

A mask with so many benefits!

This mask makes it really easy to breathe with it on. The elastics that go around your ears doesn't hurt like most of the masks I've tried on. I can wear this for a long time without my ears hurting. Also, the inside of the mask doesn't get soggy easily. I'm so satisfied that I will be buying this product again after my supply runs out.

- Amazon buyer (April 12, 2021)

Great buy!

I'm so glad I ordered these. The 3D shape keeps the mask away from my face. No more smeared makeup and maskne. I even wore it to a wedding this past weekend! I will definitely be ordering more so I can keep them in both vehicles and pass some on to friends (I'm constantly being asked where I got them).

- Nessa (Amazon September 21, 2021)

A winner. Comfy for petite faces!

I've tried quite a few different masks and these are my favourite. They're very comfortable, they also look really great.

I have a petite face so I tie a small slipknot in the ear loops to fit the mask properly. A lot of masks ride up into my lower lashes, especially if I am trying to look down at something... or leave cheek lines/marks, and make my nose sore which drives me crazy.

- Retsy Relver (Amazon December 7, 2021)

Can wear these without steaming up m glasses

They fit perfect on the cheeks and on the nose, could not ask for anything better..... lots of other ones in my closet, so far these top them all, + they are 98.9 % approved for protection

- Ingeborg Wilson (Amazon Jan 22, 2022)